Software And Server



Software And Server

  • About The Service

    : Fee for software and server by RahmanX company depends on various factors. To grow your business or organization, RahmanX company can provide web based fast software, such as a fast website, with a powerful server, fully managed by RahmanX company. Your temporary software can be ready in 1 month and will be updated afterwards as required. Only Software as a Service (SaaS) license will be provided. The fee includes costs of currency exchange and necessary third party services as well as VAT after deducting these costs.
  • Company Policies

    : By taking any software service of RahmanX company, you will be agreeing to the latest policies of RahmanX company.
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Software Company

  • About The Company

    : RahmanX is the most expert software company in Bangladesh. RahmanX company created the first and only functional internet search engine of Bangladesh. RahmanX company is a website developer, web hosting provider, app developer, and cloud computing service provider in Bangladesh and across the world.
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